The last leg of our journey has begun. We entered Germany and are slowly making our way from the South of Germany to Kiel to catch the ferry home to Göteborg. Contrary to the beginning of our journey where we, due to the cold weather, drove as quickly as possible through Germany, we are now taking our time visiting friends and family. The focus is not so much on seeing new things, but with meeting people. It feels like the right conclusion of our trip.

As of today, there are exactly two weeks left until our ferry leaves. I think about this with one smiling and one crying eye. On the one hand, I think it will be a nice feeling to be back home and closing the circle. It will give us a sense of having achieved and completed something. On the other hand, we are really used to life on the road now, and there would be so much more to see and do out there. However, new travels will have to wait a bit.

That this last leg of our journey is different shows itself also on the campgrounds. When we started, we were almost alone on every campsite, apart of some omnipresent Dutch retirees. In fact, the whole trip up to San Sebastian (end of June) was like that. There we started to notice a difference. Spanish school holidays started and campgrounds began to fill up. Suddenly there were families with kids everywhere. We then continued to France were we luckily got another two quiet weeks because the school holidays had not started there yet. However, now on our through Germany, there is no denying anymore that it is the middle of summer and holiday season for most. We currently stay on a "transit" campground which many from Northern Germany and the Netherlands use as a stopover on their way into the South. The campground fills up during the day and empties in the morning. Pretty amazing.

Nighttime and almost no free space.

Daytime and we are the only ones left apart of the permanent campers.

Things are always changing :-)