We are riding a big heat wave since we came to Germany. There is no escaping. It's hot in the whole of Germany and substantial parts of Europe. We are talking about temperatures above 30 °C, sometimes even above 35 °C. At this temperatures, you cannot do much. We try to stay in the shade and apart from the occasional dip in a lake, preferably in the evening, there is not much happening. We are not interested in city explorations or long walks at the moment. Things we usually enjoy. Sleeping also becomes a bit of a pain with the temperatures in the caravan being close to 30 °C. Easier to warm up a caravan than cooling it down. Ronja for her part discovered the underside of the trailer to get some heat relief.

This harbours the question what the best weather for travelling is. Around 20 °C is really ideal. At the beginning of the trip we only had temperatures between 10 to 15 °C. Initially we thought that was too cold, but in hindsight, these lower temperatures never stopped us from doing things. As a tip, I'd plan my time on the road early in the year or late, staying away from the sweltering summer months. At least when you aim to travel around and see things. If you aim to lay 8 hours a day on the beach baking in the sun, things are different of course.
Unfortunately, if you have school kids, you might not have much choice. Something we will have to consider for future travels, now that Milo will start school.