Five years have passed since our last trip by carvan through Europe. Our best friend Ronja has past away in 2021 which was a very sad event for all of us. Nevertheless we are on the road again. This time we have a new destianation, India!

Follow us on our journey through this amazing country.


Hello, great to see you here!

From Gothenburg, Sweden we start our five months journey through Europe. The adventure starts March 2018. First, we will be heading south to sun and warmth. That is the only thing planned so far. We will rely on tips from locals and friends to find the best places along the way. If you have any ideas leave us your tip.

Our accommodation will be a small Weinsberg CaraOne of 12sqm. Sharing that space will be Hardy 43, a software craftsman, Anna 43, a professional in Sustainable Tourism, Milo 5, a likely detective, Kira 3, a rising artist and our dog Ronja. So far, we have travelled with the caravan only once and only for two weeks. So this will be an interesting challange for all of us.

Life is all about the days you remember not the days that have passed. We are ready to deepen our relationship as a family and to find new friends along the way. We are looking forward to a great adventure.

If you like, we invite you to join our journey. Along the way we will share travel suggestions as well as tips and tricks on how to travel with kids and a dog.

Hardy, Anna, Milo, Kira and Ronja

Anna, Hardy, Milo, Kira Ronja