So instead of 4 days, it took us 6 days to get to Vilanova. Well, to be honest, we are not even there yet, but if all goes well we cover the last 200 kilometres by this afternoon.

Our miscalculation stems funny enough not from the reduced speed of towing a caravan, but rather from the total time spent on the road. Today, even though we were up around 8 am, we did not leave the campground until 11:30 am. Ronja had to be walked, breakfast prepared, campground rabbits needed to be fed (a lot), dishes needed to be done, caravan needed to be prepared, etc. All up, 11:30 was not too bad. However, this also meant lunch break just two hours later. This time it was rather "fast" with 1 1/2 hours. Then another 2 1/2 hours to today's campground.

Anna and I have to laugh, when we compare this type of travel speed, with the times we used to drive down to Spain with our parents. When my family drove from the South of Germany to the Barcelona area back in the days, it happened usually within a day. At best you had a few hours of sleep at a rest stop in the car. Other than that, a stop meant filling up petrol, peeing, drinking a quick coffee and back on the road. There was no time for longer lunch breaks or play time.

Last year when I was driving alone home from Vilanova to Göteborg, my dad estimated a two-day drive. One day from Vilanova to Stockach (1200km) and the next from Stockack to Kiel (900km) where I took the ferry. I should mention at this point, that for him by 7 am in the morning one should already be driving for two hours ;-)

Anna's dad is not much different. He used to drive from Stockholm to Barcelona (2800km) within three days! Go figure. By the way, he thinks we are already in Vilanova for two days already.

For my part, I want to take it easy. My mind is set on getting to Vilanova now, but after that, I want to drive no more than a couple of hundred kilometres a day.