After a few days in Valencia to wait out the bad wheater inland, we finally start to head North. Our first stop is the small hill town of Albarracín consisting of buildings and streets straight from the medieval times unchanged by time.

It is really a great experience to just wander around the small streets always wondering what might be expecting you around the next corner. The kids love it as well because they also feel transported into another time.

Street in Albarracín

For me, the highlight, however, is my morning walk with Ronja. I have no plans and just wander around when I see a whole group of locals standing around and talking. I can initially not figure out what is going on and think what a strange meeting point. Then it hits me. Quite literally. In my nose. The most amazing smell of freshly baked bread. This place is a bakery and the people are waiting for it to open. I decide to wait as well. It is a shady alley and quite cold. I start to get cold, but a local points to a metal barrel which is standing there. I first do not understand, but once I move closer I can see that there is a fire burning inside. The baker must have light it in the morning so that people can warm themselves while waiting.

A fire in the barrel keeps the people warm while waiting

Then the bakery opens and people start to go in. It is a hole in a wall type of shop. Only two people can get it at the time.

Inside the bakery

I closely observe what people walk out with and once it is my turn I point to the same breads. Anna and the kids will be happy with my morning forage.

Chocolate croissant, olive flat bread, "Rodendro"