When the weather started to get a little bit warmer we left Valencia and our journey inland Spain started. My cousin Ana had told me that we can not miss the medieval town of Albarracin. So that became our next stop after Valencia. That day we drove about 200 km and on our way, we saw patches with snow. We are very glad about the heating we have in the caravan.

It was very cold

Beautiful rocks along the road

On one of our rest stops Ronja and I took a little walk and started to smell Rosemary and we saw so many big bushes of this. I picked some and hanged inside the car to give it a nice sense. On the walk, we passed a house guarded by some enormous dogs. Both Ronja and I was scared that the fence would not hold the big dogs away from us. I guess have such a remote house you need some very intimidated watchers.

Beautiful, tasty with a gorgeous smell. The best natural car fregrance

We arrived at the campground Campsite Ciudad de Albarracín and found our self pretty much alone. We could pick a spot with a very nice view. Here, we could spot in the distance the impressive medieval walls of Albarracin.

Ronja guarding the caravan. That was her job during the trip and she took it very seriously

Amazing view from our camp spot

We where very excited to explore the town the next day. But first put the heater on, cook some dinner while the kids looked up the playground at the campsite.

Not many kids on the playground

The next morning we prepared a lunch picknick with the beautiful bread that Hardy and Ronja found during their morning walk. It is always a surpice what the fruits are of a morning walk with Ronja. You never know what you disover on these walks.

A great little hidden backary. Here you have to come the first hour in the morning if you want to have any bread!

What a treat. How can you have a better start of the day?

We also prepared our first Travel Bug. Kira and Milo got some of their beads to decorate the Travel Bug. The aim was to walk along the medival wall and find a good place for it.

We wanted to make the travel bug unique

We hope it will make it home to Sweden

We crossed the little river and parked just outside the old town. No cars are alowed to enter the city center. We started the walk along the wall and at the end of it Ronja found a friend. We had our lunch picknick sitting on this wall that is over 9000 yr old. Pretty impressive "picknik blanket".

The kids were so excited to do the walk along the wall

Beautiful views

One of our most impressive picnic spot on the trip so far

The wall brings you back in time thinking about what it was protecting the town from

Ronja found her self a play mate on the walk

With full of energy again we started to look for the geo cache that could hold our Travel Bug. However, when we found the spot we decided that this was not the right "home" for our first travel bug so we took it back with us. The walk along the wall is very impressive and can be done with small legs like Kira but always have a steady hand to hold on to. The stones have a tendancy to start rolling under the feets.

Many little things in this Geo chache but it promised 4 travel bugs and none was in there so we got suspicious that a mugler been there so we never left our travel bug there

Doing Geo chaching is something the kids really think is a lot of fun

Back from the walk Milo had a need of a little rest and Ronja close by to watch her pack. During the trip she took the role to be the guardian of the kids. She never let them from her sight.

Ronja is the best travel companion anyone can wish for

A well deserved ice cream the kid got in town. The ice cream was made in the store. It was nice but pretty expensive. It is exlusive to make ice cream in a 10 000 yr old town.

Then the kids started to get hungry after seeing so many old things and stunning views. We have discovered that there is a problem when the kids starting to get hungry for dinner around 17.00 because then no restaurant is open. The only bar in town open that hour was the bar, La Taberna Albarracin on the Plaza Mayor. Here the kids could eat some tapas but that was not very popular with them so they got fed with bread and olives. Not the best bar food experiences, but the clara (beer and sprite) was ok ;)

Back at the caravan Kira got in the mood for some princess dancing and the hangmat came out for the first time. This was a big hit for the kids. They played for hours with it. From now on we will always look for a spot to hang the hangmat on.

It always amazes me that after a full day of excursion the kids still have so much energy left for playing and dancing. Kids are the best thing!!

Kira and Milo can play for hours with the hangmat

The next morning I crossed the Rio Guadalaviar and found a path up the mountain that gave stunning views of Albarracin. Standing watching this 10 000 yr old town from a distance it could well have been 10 000 yr ago. It is was truley like a time capsel watching Albarracin from the mountains that morning.

Breath taking

From Albaraccin we made a day trip to Pinares del Rodeno. Hardy and I was amazed about the beautiful forest we found with fantastic rock formations and the hugh pine cones. Milo and Kira loved the pine cones. We had a competition who could find the biggest pine cone. This walk had a really good path way that you could bring a trolley on if needed. On the walk we encountered several climers that did bulring. This area is very famous for that. Our now traditional lunch of sandwiches we ate at a viewing point. A viewing point that took me back to Australia. The landscape I saw reminded me of my Ecotoruism studies and the field work I did in the bush North of Cains.

The pine cones where impressive

The picnic spots keep on deliver

A stunning view we got surpriced to see in Spain. Reminded me of Australia's bush

The pine trees that we saw had the most amazing bark. A bark that looked like it was painted. Along the walk there was spots where you could see old rock paintings. These also again brought me back to the bush in Australia where I studied the Aboriginal Rock Art. Until now I did not know that Europe also have similar hunting rock art like the ones I saw in Australia.

Such a strong red color. It looked almost artifical

Milo wanted to get closer to the paintings but still behind the fence

We have been in Albarracin for four days now it is time to travel on to Teurel. Milo and Kira had a hard time to leave the campground now when they had met the friendly campground cat.


Summary on what to do whith kids and dogs while visiting Albarracin

  1. Walk along the wall of the city and have a picknic on the top.
  2. Buy picnic bread and breakfast at the Panaderia (Camino Santo Cristo)
  3. Go for a daytrip to Pinares del Rodeno and do not forget the picnic and plenty of water.

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