I have to laugh a bit at this point. Our initial plan was to make it to Frankfurt, another 200km further South. As Helmuth von Moltke the Elder says:"No plan survives contact with the enemy."
I guess we will have to see what our average travel distance per day will become.

The campground itself is ok. The season has not really started yet, so there are only a few caravans here. The owner, however, assured me that next week, over the Easter weekend, the place will be rocking. Not sure we will stick around to find out. Right now it is raining and even though it is warmer than in Sweden, I think we better keep heading South.

I also doubt the credibility of the ACSI app which we are using for locating campgrounds. Under amenities, it says "Children's playground: large". I should not have told this the kids beforehand. Except for a slide which seemed at least 15 years old, there was not much to see of a playground. Milo rightfully asked:"Papa, where is the big playground?".