One of the routine tasks we have to do regularly is to stock food. We do this about every 4 to 5 days. It would be nicer to shop less often, but due to the amount of storage space in our little caravan, in particular, in the fridge that's not possible. Also while during the first months of the trip, one could easily keep some fruit and vegetable outside the refrigerator for a few days, the last few weeks have been considerably warmer so that it is harder to keep fresh produce outside the fridge.

We try to buy as much organic food as possible, especially fruit, vegetables and dairy products. In Spain, this proved initially quite hard, since organic produce is rare in the bigger supermarket chains. Luckily we discovered that the best option is Lidl.

Back home in Sweden, I have not been shopping at Lidl for quite some time. Partly because I did not know that Lidl has such a broad range of organic products and partly because of the negative press Lidl had a few years back and which lingered in the back of my mind. There was, for example, the Schwarz Buch Lidl describing the unfair treatment of employees by the Lidl management. Whether Lidl has become a better employer, I cannot judge, but the range of products definitely improved a lot. In case you understand German watch the ZDF documentary Das Lidl-Imperium which seems to come to the same conclusion.

Anyways, back to stocking up our food reserves. Lidl supermarkets can be found everywhere across Europe our days. We never have to drive far from our campsite to find one. Amazingly, apart from minor regional and country-specific differences, the products, especially organic ones are almost identical in each Lidl. This allows us to stock up on the basic things we need quickly. To mix things up a bit, we also go to local supermarkets every now and then. There we buy things which are new to us or unique to the region.

When buying at Lidl we are averaging out at about 80 EUR per shopping which last for 4 to 5 days. Not too bad, given that a single lunch out for the four of us can easily cost 50 EUR.

Here are some pictures of the organic food sortiment at Lidl: