Still in Germany. We started late, traffic was dense and the rain did not help either. In the end it was not more tham 308km. Go figure.

So what do you do to keep the little ones to keep then entertained? Here are some tips:

  • Quizz books
  • Fishing - the kids have a little fishing rod with a clothes-peg which they throw to the passenger. You then attach various thing and they reel it in. On the picture we are playing alphabet bingo
  • Princess Quartett
  • Lots of stickers, pen and paper (I'll show a picture of the back of the car another day ;-))

Alphabet bingo

Princess Quartett

The highlight of the day.

Anna: "Kira what are you drawing?"
Kira: "A rhino with a ball on its head."
Anna: "Can we see?"
Kira: "Sure."